Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I used to keep records of all the concerts I went to....then I stopped.....that was really stupid of me.

The Concert Journal

November 2003
1st – Tha 446 @ The Orpheum – Madison, WI // Ed Lo featuring Room Service w/ Steve McQueen and the Punky QB's @ Library Mall, Madison WI
6th – The Hot Machines w/The Girls, The Mystery Girls & The Cuts @ Schubas – Chicago, IL
7th – Mt.St.Helens w/ Monday’s Hero, The Buzz Spectors & 1 @ The Wheaton Grand Theater – Wheaton, IL
8th – The Ghost, David Singer, Desert City Soundtrack @ The Fireside Bowl –Chicago, IL // Rollo Tomasi w/ Oh My God, Blue Shade Witness @ The Metro – Chicago, IL // Seam w/ Aden, Ee @ The Abbey Pub – Chicago, IL
9th – Ween @ The Vic – Chicago, IL
11th – Ted Leo & The Pharmacists w/ Oneida & Kristin Forbes @ The Fireside Bowl – Chicago, IL
12th – Badly Drawn Boy w/ Leona Naess @ Park West – Chicago, IL
13th – The Ghost w/ Niagara Fell (last show) & Starstruck @ Diversions NIU – DeKalb, IL
19th – Fountains of Wayne @ The Vic – Chicago, IL // The Darkness @ The Double Door – Chicago, IL (Both with Dad. Tequila & seltzer at Nick’s Beer Garden afterward and dinner at Café Ba Ba Reba before)
20th- May or May Not @ Phyllis’ Musical Inn – Chicago, IL
22nd – Guided By Voices w/ Tobin Sprout @ The Abbey Pub – Chicago, IL (With Dad & Christian)

December 2003
4th – Riddle of Steel, Call me Lightning, Rockbot @ Fireside Bowl - Chicago, IL
5th – Mark Kozelek @ Schubas – Chicago, IL
6th – Lungfish, Red Eyed Legends @ Fireside Bowl – Chicago, IL
11th – Hanalei, Catfish Haven @ Fireside Bowl – Chicago, IL // Pinebender, Pelican @ The Empty Bottle, Chicago - IL
17th – May or May Not, Driftless Pony Club @ Phyllis’ Musical Inn – Chicago, IL

January 2004
2nd – Mt.St.Helens, Rollo Tomasi, Archaeology @ The Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL
10th – Tha 446, Driftless Pony Club, The Shirley Temples @ The Doty Ranch – Madison, WI
17th – Evan Dando, Frisbie (acoustic) @ The Double Door – Chicago, IL
(With Matt Fast who was converted to an Evan Dando fan that night)
26th – Twista, White Boy, Crucial Conflict @ House of Blues – Chicago, IL VIP Passes & hanging out in the HOB lounge. Opera box seats, juke contest, pic w/ dude from Crucial Conflict. Compliments of Matt Spinner. Awesome night w/Matt & Steve Reidell.
31st – Mt.St.Helens @ Northern Illinois University Radio, acoustic set.

February 2004
3rd – Super Furry Animals, Papa M @ The Metro – Chicago, IL
4th – Ben Weaver, Charlemagne @ Schubas – Chicago, IL
5th – Mable, Inspector Owl @ The Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL –followed by Brian Moss’s DJ set at the Bottom Lounge
6th- Bang! Bang!, The Functional Blackouts, V.D. @ The Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL
7th – May or May Not (acoustic –stv&zaid), Braam @ Nevin’s Live – Evanston, IL
13th- The Ponys, We Ragazzi, Volcano I’m Still Excited @ The Empty Bottle –Chicago, IL ***The night Chris Saathoff was killed***
29th – Mt.St.Helens, Bible of the Devil @ Subculture Skate Park – Elgin, IL -cancelled

March 2004
5th – Tha 446, The Ghost, Mt.St.Helens, The Pines, Paper Lanterns @ Fireside Bowl – Chicago, IL
6th – New Black (record release), The Coach Whips, Call Me Lightning, Russian @ The Fireside Bowl – Chicago, IL
13th – Calliope, Analog Radio, Hanalei @ The Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL
19th – BENEFIT FOR THE CHRIS SAATHOFF FOUNDATION: Chin Up Chin Up (Quinn Goodwillie playing bass), New Black, Rollo Tomasi, Pinebender acoustic @ The Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL
20th- Haymarket Riot (Mog release show), Riddle of Steel @ Fireside Bowl – Chicago, IL
25th – Sun Kil Moon @ Park West – Chicago, IL
26th – Tha 446 @ Orpheum Stage Door – Madison, WI
27th – Driftless Pony Club @ Union South – Madison, WI // Paris Texas @ 1350 Williamson House – Madison, WI
29th – Neko Case, Jim & Jenny and the Pinetops @ Schubas – Chicago, IL
(live recording made for upcoming CD)

April 2004
2nd – Blonde Redhead, Secret Machines @ The Abbey Pub – Chicago, IL
9th – John Vanderslice, May or May Not @ Catacombs - Madison, WI /// Driftless Pony Club @ The Klinic – Madison, WI
10th – Graham Smith’s Manzardo, May or May Not @ The Hideout – Chicago, IL
24th – BENEFIT FOR CHRIS SAATHOFF # 2 w/ Chin Up Chin Up, The Hot Machines, The Ghost, Mt.St.Helens, Sleep Out & M.O.T.O @ The Fireside Bowl – Chicago, IL
26th – Beauty Pill @ The Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL

May 2004
14th – New Black, May or May Not, This Moment in Black History @ Fireside Bowl – Chicago, IL
21st – My Morning Jacket, M. Ward @ Metro – Chicago, IL // Rollo Tomasi, Retisonic @ Fireside Bowl – Chicago, IL
22nd – Mt.St.Helens, Riddle of Steel, Blaked, No More Lies @ Otto’s – DeKalb, IL
29th – Mt.St.Helens, The Ghost, Droids Attack @ The King Club – Madison, WI
30th – Driftless Pony Club, IfIhadahifi @ High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI

June 2004
2nd – May or May Not @ The Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL
8th – Bang! Bang!, Paris Texas, Mannequin Men, Lucida @ Metro – Chicago, IL
13th – Secret Machines, New Black, Skeleton Key @ The Metro – Chicago, IL
18th – The Innocence Mission @ Schuba’s – Chicago, IL // The Shins @ The House of Blues – Chicago, IL
23rd- The Streets @ Metro – Chicago, IL


12th – Rollo Tomasi , Blaked, Bear Claw @ The Abbey Pub – Chicago, IL
24th – Steve Reidell @ Gunther Murphy’s – Chicago, IL


Blogger lol ror xxors said...

Thanks for leaving my band out of 11/1/03.

Comment Poster's Reaction: Negative.

2:48 PM  
Blogger Ol' Fuss & Feathers - Fuss & Feathers Forevers said...

uh, look again Mr. Lo. I think you'll be quite surprised.

6:46 PM  
Blogger stv slv 1337 said...

Just because I'm the last entry on your list doesn't mean you get to blame this on me.

Pretty crazy to look back and see when you went to, say, a five-day run of shows. What is like whoa

10:31 AM  
Blogger petecroke.com said...

thats a lot of concerts. i like rock n roll concerts. will you come to my concert tomorrow?

11:42 AM  
Blogger Ol' Fuss & Feathers - Fuss & Feathers Forevers said...

there's a couple where I did 3 in one night too...those were the good ol' days. Stv, it was you...you turned me against the list. Pete, I might come to your show...if there's some trayzure in it for me.

3:50 PM  

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