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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007


(left: by some nice dude @ Ben's office / right: by STV SLV)
Come out to our Halloween show Friday, 10/26 at the Beat Kitchen w/ Reds & Blue and Tight Phantomz - approach the MSH merch table and ask one of us for your free Halloween mask. That's right, FREE! Quantities will probably be extremely limited, so get yours early. We figured you might be too much of a wuss to dress up - so we bought a mask for you.

We'll also have a great Halloween medley of songs / some jacked up costumes and CANDY CANDY CANDY. Also, check out some classic horror movies as we play!!

This is THE Halloween show to be at!!!

Friday, October 26th - (Late Show)
A Halloween Show!!
Doors @ 10:00 pm | Show @ 10:30 pm
$8.00, 18 & Over

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Portland Recording Wrap-up

Portland was better than we had expected it to be. Granted, we expected it to be pretty great - but I think we were all pretty pleased by the amount of work we accomplished (4 complete songs in 4 days) and the amount of fun we had (a fantastic lunch & dinner every night followed by boozing at some of Portland's finest night spots - including a bar that serves incredible hot dogs until 3am - every night. Also, we visited Multnomah Falls - a pretty mind-blowing experience.

Also notable is the fact that the five of us slept in bunk beds in the same room at this hostel without getting sick of each other. Also, I don't think I woke anyone up with my snoring - maybe because I purchased some breath-rite strips when we hit town.

Most of the fun we had was due to the hospitality and studio-wizardry of Dylan Magierek. The Type Foundry felt comfortable from the moment I set foot in it. The space is unbelievable and I highly recommend recording there if you're ever in the greater Portland metro area. The equipment is top notch and the space is big enough to get some really cool sounds. The A/C went out while we were there, but that made recording a bit grittier which is what we like. We like it rough. We've signed waivers to that end. Don't call the cops.

We tracked four songs that will be on our next record. We're finishing the album in a few months at Electrical Audio here in Chicago and Dylan will be joining us to finish the sessions.

In the meantime, we have one show booked at Schubas w/ Wax Fang on July 2nd. We're also in the midst of booking other Chicago shows for the summer and will definitely get out of the area for some shows in the Midwest.

The next wave of remixes should be finished pretty soon. The contributors are busy with their own projects / lives / jobs etc, so no pressure on them. I'm excited to hear the results, though.

Our official site will be updated soon w / a more straightforward front page that will feature blog updates - probably most often by me.

That's all - the new record is a third of the way in the can!!! That's exciting. We have a few album titles we're kicking around, but nothing has stuck yet.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I can't believe the next Sleep Out album leaked!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Tonight at the 'tro, bros.

MSH be reppin' it early at 9pm. If you get there before 9pm, admission is free. After 9pm, it's $9. If you've got one of DPC's 250 comp tickets, you can get in for $6. Peter Hook of New Order is DJ'ing at Smart Bar after the show. Nate called him a few days ago and asked if he'd be willing to fly over and DJ our afterparty at Smart Bar for free. Of course, he agreed.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ashgan Shapoor

Mt.St.Helens Prepare For Epic Halloween Concert & Arrival of the Centicorn
Chicago, IL -

Chicago in Autumn...there's nothing quite like it. As the poet Robert Frost famously wrote in 1910, "Falling leaves slowly drifting, the wind comes along and then it goes swifting, conkers crashing on the ground, making a lovely crispy sound, brown leaves spiraling together, gentle breezes in the wood, evergreen trees staying green which is very, very good." Yes, Autumn has descended upon Chicago and with it, Halloween - the favorite holiday of Chicago band,

As Ben Geier, drummer for Chicago's famed, prepares for his band's upcoming appearance on Friday, October 27th at Ronny's (2205 N. California - Chicago, IL) a smile brings warmth to his usually cool visage. "This will be the most important show ever plays. We are truly laying it all on the line at Ronny's on Friday night." After a brief pause to light a cigarette, the drummer continues, "We hope to summon the Centicorn. Once summoned, he will ascend to his rightful place in the kingdom of mortal men and we, the apostles of the Hundred Horns, shall carry out his bidding in this mortal matter the cost."

Geier is referring to the famed Centicorn, a one hundred horned unicorn that the band famously brought to life in an eponymous single released in early 2005.

"People must accept that the Centicorn is the way and the light. They can exault him by reciting this simple prayer: Beast of burden, We command thee, Slay and conquer, Horns o'plenty, Lead dark armies, Kill and vanquish, We praise thee, Centicorn." The twenty five year old drummer continued, "We're going to need the audience's help for this on October 27th. Let's hope they come prepared to accept the Centicorn into their hearts."

Mt.St.Helens play Ronny's (2205 N. California - Chicago, IL) Friday, October 27th with Hanalei and Hirudin. 8pm, $5, 21+ - costumes are encouraged.