Friday, May 27, 2005

TONIGHT!TONIGHT!TONIGHT!TONIGHT!TONIGHT!TONIGHT! I found out recently that people I DON'T KNOW read this blog! That rules! It means I can actually use this to promote shows. So, come to Schubas tonight to see the legendary Graham Smith (formerly of Kleenex Girl Wonder), Hanalei (Brian from the Ghost, Nick from New Black, Pete from Archaeology & Pete from Rollo Tomasi - but not Pete & Pete from Nickelodeon's Pete & Pete), Russian Circles (Dave from Riddle of Steel) and Sleep Out (me & Ben, Nate & Sam - driftless pony club). It's for a good the poster. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

ZOINKS! Posted by Hello

Monday, May 23, 2005

mandarz Posted by Hello

Lola sums it up. This is how I felt after 12 straight hours of beer drinking.....furry, thirsty & exhausted. Posted by Hello

STV blacked out. Posted by Hello

"I'm not your daddy/Said, I'm not your daddy/Talkin' bout, how I'm not your daddy/One more time now/So not your daddy/Listen to me now" Posted by Hello

Brian ignores the constant calls of "Daddy? Daddy? DADDY?"  Posted by Hello

Mike Downey of the newly formed band: Mike Downey. His set was the jam. Posted by Hello

Thomas gets in a pre-flight "whateva" before he leaves for NYC. Posted by Hello

Lola gets into Elizabeth Elmore's set. Posted by Hello

Get your hands off of my woman, muthafukka! Posted by Hello

Blackspot Benefit BBQ axxxxion: (Louie to Ricky) STV SLV, Nick NewBlack, N8ron4000, Ol' Fuss & Feathers. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20, 2005

(M.I.A. destroyed the Metro last night)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

here is some fantastic art that I did. Posted by Hello

my shirt says it's LUNCHBLOG was "ow"! AO and I ate at Kentones...drrrty brrrgrs and tuna sangwatch. It was assome. Then we made a face like this. FOODS! Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005

Keys not in the ignition, car parked, this is not a rebel band

s.o. courtesy of bsb.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

LUNCHBLOGG'D=NATE (dpc,so,446,etc.) LUNCH'D = Pizza Metro on Division LUNCH = One slice of pizza with chicken, one coke & one diet coke UNCH = Tha bomb NCH = wha CH = hwa H = haw Posted by Hello

Monday, May 09, 2005

Thanks to Mark for sending in a picture of today's LUNCHBLOG guest: Jack. Posted by Hello

Today's LUNCHBLOG guest was Mark Schierer's orange cat. Lunch took place at Potbelly's on Clybourn & Webster. So...okay...I actually dined alone on the patio at Potbelly's today. I was thinking about my upcoming job interviews and about how it would've been nice to go to lunch with someone today. Then I remembered that I was eating lunch right across the street from Mark's apartment and when I looked up, his kitten was watching me from their window. I asked the experts (ao) if this qualified as a LUNCHBLOG. She did a quick survey and texted back with an affirmative. The above picture is my recreation of what the orange cat may have looked like.

Friday, May 06, 2005


Go see may or may not tonight at the hideout...even though member STV SLV will be at the Coldplay show at the metro.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Wow. These last couple of days have been filled with good news and nice coincidences.

Today on the way to Sultan's to meet up with Bob (who wasn't quite sure what to expect from LUNCHBLOG) I ran into Ben (see overused picture of the shirtless dude w/ cowboy hat and red silk jacket) and Monika (WLUW/ASCAP/goodfriend - rocking a nice new haircut). It was nice to see Bob and discuss the possibilities of a City on Film, Sleep Out show for later on in June. The coolest part is that it might take place in Geneva, IL where I grew up. In any case, Bob had some nice ideas for LUNCHBLOG...You know, to take it to the next level and give it kind of a freeform culinary/journalistic slant and some neat multimedia content. Some of the ideas had occurred to me before but he had some great new ones and I might just try to put a few of them to use. That would require a little tech upgrade for this site but maybe Ben can help out with that.

Anyhow, we both had falafels & some water and discussed the various things that had been going on in our lives...quitting jobs/traveling/touring/reunion touring/songwriting/"your band was really loud"/dog parks/coffee/police shootings/underpass mary/where is zach?/say hello to zach etc. etc. It was a very nice languid LUNCHBLOG without the pressure of the usual 30-60 minute time constraint. In any case, if all goes well I might be able to get him to do a little overseas LUNCHBLOG correspondence. We'll see...

Also, props to go Mike Downey (ex-Wolfie & current member of the New Constitution) for linking me today and sending a nice note regarding LUNCHBLOG. Mike, be expecting an invitation in the near future.

Tomorrow night I'll be at the Lucksmiths show at the Beat Kitchen. You should go too.

I think I set a new record for LUNCHBLOG hyperlinks today.

How about a nice picture? I can't think of anything super-related to today's, how about Ben "Soy-bombing" Rollo Tomasi?

and for a comparison's sake, the original soy-bomber and the first soy bomb victim, Bob Dylan.

And lastly, the Godfather of the Soy-bomb, Ian Curtis.

Today - THE RETURN OF LUNCHBLOG - featuring Bob. Full details to come. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The internet never ceases to amaze. If only Graham had revealed his true reason for moving to spare us all the horror of his catatoma. Be brave little soldier....fight the good fight. Both of you...