Monday, October 31, 2005

AO & E-Lo get creeeepy!!!  Posted by Picasa

Spoooooooooooooooky!!!! Posted by Picasa

Woah. Posted by Picasa

STV and Thax keep it real.  Posted by Picasa

Babies, Aussies and Zombies!!!! Posted by Picasa

Dead LO!!!! Posted by Picasa

Happy Halloween!!! (Tha 446 live at the Metro w/ The Go! Team 10.29.05) Posted by Picasa

Happy Halloween!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 24, 2005

Ed thinks about what he did to your mom last night and what he's going to do to your sister later. Posted by Picasa

STV SLV vs. THE LIGHT OF THE BULB. Posted by Picasa

Jaxxxon makes a new friend. Posted by Picasa

Sam Grant - Man of Many Faces #2 Posted by Picasa

Sam Grant - Man of Many Faces #1 Posted by Picasa

Ed Lo - King of soft focus and mood lighting. Posted by Picasa

vanage. Posted by Picasa

Moon Posted by Picasa

Ben & Karinne done made a baby what named Jolie.  Posted by Picasa

Natron gets abducted by aliens in Madison! Posted by Picasa

Q&A Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Do you see what happens, "Owl" readers? Do you see what happens when you take a van out of state?!?!

Well, maybe it isn't totally obvious from this picture...but when you take a van out of state for the weekend that is filled various dudes and end up playing rock shows with the likes of the ZZZZ's (second to last show ever), The City on Film, Painted Saints & more, it can add up to a good time. Although a weekend isn't enough time to allow for any occurences of what Chris Playboy used to call "tour gay", I'd say it was a total success. We also got a number of other small tasks done like taking pics for press & album use and eating massive amounts of unhealthy foods including a stop at Ed's favorite Milwaukee BBQ place, a Plaza burger with Nate, cereal* at Cleveland's in Madison (I don't think anyone had ever ordered cereal there before) and a fair amount of terrible gas station coffee. Along the way we learned a lot about each other, ourselves, one another and lastly ourselves and furthermore one another. We also decided that George Bush doesn't care about Sleep Out.

*actually a healthy food

You know I got a letter from a friend of mine
In Newcastle-Upon-a'Tyne the other day
He said to me "Eric I heard you've been havin' some trouble down in the smoke with the girls"
He said "You wanna catch that flyin' Scotsman back up here to Newcastle,
'Cause we've got enough females to go around up here
And I can figure you can find yourself a little somethin'
And because people around here don't go away stealin' each others loved ones away from one another,
Like they do down there in the smoke"
He also said in the letter that, ah,
Things don't happen like that here on Tyne
And I believed every word he said, now
Things don't happen like that here on Tyne
One more thing he told me now
Things don't happen like that here on Tyne
He said to me babe
Things don't happen like that here on Tyne
He said, all right, all right
So I'm sayin' to you who are listen'…
If you've been unlucky in love
And you've lost somebody love
And you hear a voice that comes to you in the middle of the night and says…
It says I want you to get on up…
Listen to me,
I want you to get on up and find yourself another one
If your havin' breakfast one morning and out from behind the teapot a little voice says,
Listen, Hey! I want you to get on up now
If your out in the mornin' on your job
and a voice come to you on your job and says,
Get up! Get Up!
And you know its not the foreman
Its a little voice that says…
You wanna get up and walk ...(?) women
Go on and find yourself somebody
That's what you'd better do.
Because I'll tell you one thing
There's one thing I found out
One thing I found out
Took me a long time to find it out
Yeah…it took me a long time to find out
But I,….think I got it now
Oh yeah..
One monkey don't stop no show
Yes, its true baby
One monkey don't stop no show
Don't let one monkey stop up your show
One monkey don't stop no show
One monkey don't stop no show

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Punked out dog #2 Posted by Picasa

"Punker than your dog." - This punked out dog was spotted sitting in the back of a jeep on the corner of Irving and Hoyne. In addition to the stripe down the middle of its back, it was also wearing a spiked dog collar. Despite being a little disturbed about the fact that someone actually dyed their dog's fur, I have to admit, I found this to be HILARIOUS.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

AO and I, Kickin' it in Dagobah.
(Which is not in Italy...surprisingly)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Sunday morning...9:59 am...alert the Ministry of Silly Walks.....thanks to everyone who came out to the show on Friday night and to Kris for having us on the bill....the countdown to the weekend with the ZZZZ's & City on Film begins. AO made some incredible posters for the show. Extra special thanks to Nate & Ed for switching up roles for the show & welcome back to Sam "wish granted" Grant. Posted by Picasa