Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ashgan Shapoor

Mt.St.Helens Prepare For Epic Halloween Concert & Arrival of the Centicorn
Chicago, IL -

Chicago in Autumn...there's nothing quite like it. As the poet Robert Frost famously wrote in 1910, "Falling leaves slowly drifting, the wind comes along and then it goes swifting, conkers crashing on the ground, making a lovely crispy sound, brown leaves spiraling together, gentle breezes in the wood, evergreen trees staying green which is very, very good." Yes, Autumn has descended upon Chicago and with it, Halloween - the favorite holiday of Chicago band,

As Ben Geier, drummer for Chicago's famed, prepares for his band's upcoming appearance on Friday, October 27th at Ronny's (2205 N. California - Chicago, IL) a smile brings warmth to his usually cool visage. "This will be the most important show ever plays. We are truly laying it all on the line at Ronny's on Friday night." After a brief pause to light a cigarette, the drummer continues, "We hope to summon the Centicorn. Once summoned, he will ascend to his rightful place in the kingdom of mortal men and we, the apostles of the Hundred Horns, shall carry out his bidding in this mortal matter the cost."

Geier is referring to the famed Centicorn, a one hundred horned unicorn that the band famously brought to life in an eponymous single released in early 2005.

"People must accept that the Centicorn is the way and the light. They can exault him by reciting this simple prayer: Beast of burden, We command thee, Slay and conquer, Horns o'plenty, Lead dark armies, Kill and vanquish, We praise thee, Centicorn." The twenty five year old drummer continued, "We're going to need the audience's help for this on October 27th. Let's hope they come prepared to accept the Centicorn into their hearts."

Mt.St.Helens play Ronny's (2205 N. California - Chicago, IL) Friday, October 27th with Hanalei and Hirudin. 8pm, $5, 21+ - costumes are encouraged.