Monday, December 06, 2004

Neil's birthday courtesy of the beautiful Monika Ebly (shown with cigarette). I guess being drunk makes me look gay. Hmmmm. I wonder what Matt was doing behind me. Neil's repping a kick ass band shirt.
That's about it. Towns I was in today = Sycamore, Woodstock, Elgin, Geneva, St. Charles, Batavia, Aurora, Naperville & Lisle. Poinsettia delivery season....I love it. Two more days to go. Short sentences are back in. Consider me the Hemingway of the blogworld.

In the meantime - if you're not listening to Jolie Holland, you should be. You can download an mp3 of this song on her site...I think the lyrics are incredible.
December, 1999--I'll see you in the Springtime, after the battle is won. I know I'm crossin over, as far as we have come, and I want your hand in mine, dear, as we face that shining dawn. Eyes open, I'm hopin you'll be there with me, so gently I want your hand in mine, I want you by my side in the midst of our great victory. The storm clouds had all gathered. We drew our forces nigh, and entered into battle, though it clamoured to the sky, and we faced that fateful lightning with saints on our side. Eyes open, I'll follow that lonesome road to the top of the mountain where the fire is blazing and the heat is astounding--what's even more amazing is to see you by my side.*******


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