Sunday, December 05, 2004

The very first party ever thrown at the Dojo was a great success. Matt, Neil and I all pitched in to make the place look tidy and thereby fool all of our guests (including Neil's parents) into thinking that we live as though the Fab Five had beaten every last ounce of heterosexual messiness out of us. The enormous Bacci pizzas were in full effect, my computer was playing DJ and errrbody in the Dojo started getting tipsy. Later that night P.C. was in the place to be with his massive van and transported us all safely to Club Foot. The bar was insanely packed...did anyone else notice the amount of cute girls at Club Foot last night? Still not as good as that legendary Hideout Dance Party that may as well have been an indie-rock beer commercial, what with the amount of cute girls there. The same night a freshly single Matt Fast was too bummed out to dance and C.Saathoff was too busy with his computer to tear it up with me. But I digress...your losing interest - I can tell. Neil - if you're reading this: Happy Birthday dude. The amount of people that came out to celebrate with you is a testament to what a good guy you are. Matt, you blacked out buddy. Well done. Quinn, you started talking drunken nonsense again as you normally do. We both know you're a genius, most other people do too. But when you're drunk you're a super genius. Good job. I think planning for the next Dojo bash should begin immediately.

Oh and a special shout out to C.Goodwillie for waking me up at 8am to go back out to Geneva. That was really great. Thanks.


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