Sunday, December 12, 2004

mind blown courtesy of Kris Racer and Mr. Boots

listen to the Universe Society's "Because I Love You". It blew my mind good & sad. Right up my alley. The other songs are great too...Sleep Out will be playing with Kris Racer at Uncommon Ground in January with our newest member Sam Grant of Driftless Pony Club. I guess Sleep Out could also be know as Mt. St. Pony Club now. Sleep Out now consists of: Ben Geier, Nate Bartley, Sam Grant, Steve Reidell, Brian Moss (back in the day), Chris Saathoff (back in the day) and me. That's a pretty impressive array of dudes. Time to wail on my pecs.


Blogger stv slv 1337 said...

sweet pecs bro

11:30 PM  

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