Friday, June 10, 2005

Yes yes Yes yes

I've been waiting to see the Clientele play again since 1999 when KGW played with them at Brownies. They're playing tomorrow night at the Vic with Spoon but due to a prior won't make it. Marc, next time you're scheduling the happiest day of your life please consult me first.

BUT - in even better news, Teenage Fanclub are playing the Metro on July 27th! I know most people don't care about Teenage Fanclub, but WHY THE FUCK NOT??They've written some of the best pop albums ever, especially this one:

This album is amazing. Their new album "Man-Made" was recorded at SOMA Studios by John McEntire (of some shitty Chicago new-age jazz combo called Turtles...or The Lake and Pudding or something...I don't know). I declare "Man-Made" to be the first "Summer album of 2005". This will definitely be played on the drive to Sleeping Bear this year.

I had no idea this record was even coming out. I mean, I consider myself to be pretty media-savvy . I read all the standard indie pages: popmatters, pitchfork, tinymixtapes, etc., etc. I love being completely surprised by an album's release. Finding this record at Laurie's Planet of Sound on Tuesday made me almost as happy as finding "Repetition" by Unwound at Record Swap back in the day:

On the topic of Unwound:
do any OTCOI readers know what happened to Unwound after they released "Leaves Turn Inside You"? I wrote this e-mail to Kill Rock Stars a few weeks ago:


I was wondering if you had any idea what the members of Unwound are doing now. I thought KRS or Troubleman was going to do a DVD or a solo split featuring Vern & Justin. Do you guys have any plans for future Unwound releases? Are they in any new bands? If you could point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful.

Sir Lord Baltimore

to which Maggie at KRS replied:

I don't know what happened to all those projects.
it's possible the dvd might still happen. none
of them have any new musical projects that I know
of. xo mv

I hope they release that DVD eventually. I don't really anticipate a big resurgence of interest in Unwound in the near future though. Maybe in another twenty years when the post-punk of the early & mid 1990's becomes as cool as Gang of Four & Wire have become now....maybe then Unwound will come out of hiding to play shows at huge venues for capacity crowds and then sell them hooded sweatshirts for $50 apiece. I wish....I wish....I wish....


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