Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Sun-Times has the lowdown...

The Sun-Times sums up what happened to WJMK. This article is incredible...I guess they're using this JACK-FM format in many different regions and they made the switch over without so much as a warning. One second it was "All oldies all the time" and then "JACK FM - Shit machine".


Blogger nat the brat said...

to be honest, i heard the jack station for about 20 minutes on saturday, right after it went on air. do i think it was a crime to dump the oldies format for the new hot one? OF COURSE. do i mind the actual programming of jack that much? no.

it would've been much better for them to dump one of whatever eighteen other shit stations chicago has instead for the jack thing. then it wouldn't be so heinous.

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