Wednesday, June 08, 2005

In contrast to today's heat....

So, the last song we played at Schubas a couple weeks ago was not a cover...I'm posting this because a few people asked me about it at the show. I think I introduced it in a way that made it sound like it was by someone else. It's called Arctic Darkness

I set out in Arctic Darkness
and set my sights on the farthest
beacon that I could see

I was up for a challenge
I couldn't manage
so I set my sights on
the greenest, blinking seas

So they could prove to me
What I'd never be
and tear the seams from
this aging company

I set out at a pace so glacial
but my gaze was palacial
my heart's not deceiving me

Sometimes, stumbling snowblind
I have the words in mind
to bring you near to me

If you could prove to me
the man I long to be
is here but smothering
under heavy dark blankets.


Blogger stv slv 1337 said...

nice seam reference bro

12:19 PM  

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