Monday, June 20, 2005

Silverhawks were gay enough...but Silverfish? I mean, COME OWAN!

I found a fucking SILVERFISH in my bed* last night when I was getting ready to go to sleep!!!!! Now, I should mention that I have seen a few of these little buggers before in our apartment....and yes, AO did find three in my bed a couple of weeks ago - which she dispatched to the insect nether-world with her fists (nice work - only next time try to kill them someplace other than on the sheets). Today, I begin my quest for a Silverfish pesticide. Also on the agenda: scheduling another interview, job searching, weight-lifting, working on new sleep out songs, booking another recording date and doing laundry...and of course THE DESTRUCTION OF THE REBEL SILVERFISH HQ somewhere in my bedroom. I wonder if the Bush Admin would loan me a couple of those bunker buster bombs.

Everyone should buy this album right now:

(This album has the best first 30 seconds of any album I've ever heard. BONUS: Hear a young Richard Thompson before he became a beret wearing, M.O.R. album making, douche hammer)

* - usually, I have a strict policy of non-violence towards insects. I was once given a free cup of coffee at Intelligentsia for capturing a bumble-bee in a cup and releasing it outside. However (and insects reading this blog should pay particular attention to this next passage): If you A.) try to bite me OR B.) Try to have a slumber party with me I WILL FUCKING ANNIHILATE YOU. Last night I removed the rogue silverfish from my bed with an envelope and sent him packing to bug-hell where he belongs. Confidential to ED LO: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FIND A STRANGER IN THE WOODS!!!!


Blogger nat the brat said...

that's totally gross.

silverfish usually are found around damp areas. any wet towels lying around your room? does your room share a wall with the bathroom?

12:45 PM  

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