Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm more of a Led Zeppelin III man, myself...

ED LO on:

In ED ZEPPELIN's opinion:

Houses of the Holy : great album. it's very...bright. good growth from the untitled album.

Did you know that the song "houses of the holy" was supposed to be on that album, but for some reason was pushed back an album?

anyway, I think the first 90 seconds of 'Song remans the same' is an awesome intro to the album. then the transition into the 'rain song' = smooth. The contrast between the two makes the rain song more 'effective'

my favorite deep cut is 'the crunge' and 'no quarter' gets better the more times you listen to it. i learned how to walk basslines listening to the end of 'the ocean'

i think the big thing to notice is how page started getting big into layering multiple guitar lines....

in conclusion. one of their stronger, poppier (i.e. less bluesy) albums


Blogger Bobby said...

Even though now it's almost universally regarded as a brilliant classic album, Zeppelin, as usual, had to suffer some unenlightened spew from the usual knee-jerk critics. As was the case with every great Led Zeppelin album, they were miles ahead of the pack, never stagnant or predictable, delivering unique and innovative music of immense power and durability. HOTH still sounds as fresh and alluring as it did in 1973, perhaps not Led Zeppelin's greatest but far superior to nearly everyone else's.

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