Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rhymez Gaylore - Tha 446 on WLUW

(Doc J drinkin' gas)

Tha Fourth Coast's finest are going to be on Radio One Chicago WLUW (88.7 FM)next Thursday night (4.6.06), although the hot studio sesh is taking place tonight. We'll also be playing with Jim DeRogatis's favorite band (Rollo Tomasi) and Greg Kot's favorite band (Driftless Pony Club) at the Subterranean on the same night (4.6.06) to celebrate the release of tha 446's Vainglorious LP (released 4.4.06).

Here's the radio setlist - so all you bloggers and bootleggers can get it right. Don't get it twisted, tracks #1 and #6 are Ol' Fuss and Feathers productions. Track #2 may be the hottest thing tha fourth coast has ever done. All the other tracks will melt your face.

1. Bang Bang (Quigg, Jxx, Ed, SLV, Soup, Aaron, Sam, Mill as Stanger)
2. Phone Cawl (Aaron, SLV, Jxx)
3. Foool (SLV, Jxx, Nat0)
4. The Flask (SLV, Jxx, Soup, Mill)
5. Throwedest Coast (Jxx, Ed, Dan)
6. Waiting So Long (Quigg, SLV, Sam, Nat0n)
7. Chrome Delorean (Dan, Mill, SLV, JXxx)


Blogger John Hewn said...

Mill as Stanger = Best Rap Name Ever

7:10 PM  

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