Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Started and finished this in two days (about 74 days less than Callahan's actual journey) incredible story of strength and endurance...and fish...lots of fish...

Started this one a week ago and am not enjoying getting through the altnernating chapters about Tim Buckley who seems to be a self-righteous douche bag.

I am so happy that this came out:

"Too Good to be True" is a collection of 18 demos by the Everly Brothers that thankfully only features a guitar and their voices. These sorts of stripped down releases are few and far between especially for musicians of the '50s who were more often than not seduced by producers who wanted to add orchestral backing to their works i.e. Buddy Holly (who actually was in favor of it), Elvis Presley (who probably didn't give a shit)and the Fleetwoods (which is pretty much a given, but their acapella tracks are way more exciting).

and I'm also looking forward to listening to this:

Eric Johnson made mince meat out of Iron & Wine (whom I deem to be pretty monochromatic and boring) when Ben and saw them a few a months ago. I haven't had a chance to give this a good listen but based on the new songs he played at the Iron & Wine show, it's bound to be great.
Concering the cover art - Ben and I had a discussion about the cover of this album after he said that Jay Ryan's art has become a little he's not challenging himself. Bluetip frontman Jason Farrell once developed exciting album covers for lots of bands (including his own) and created his own, unmistakable style. Then, Riddle of Steel commisioned him to do the cover art for their album "Python" and you know what? It looked just like a Bluetip/Retisonic album. That was a let down. I really like Jay Ryan's poster art but when I see a Fruit Bats album with a Jay Ryan album cover I'm immediately making mental connections and associations based on his past work. I don't know. I guess what I'm trying to say is - I don't like the album art. Maybe Jay Ryan's art creates too strong a statement on its own to be relegated to an album cover. I once tried to comission an artist friend to create a custom painting for me and he turned me down. I respected him for it. That has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. More to the point...the Fruit Bats were selling homemade, hand decorated LPs at their shows that looked a lot better than the art for "Spelled out in Bones".

The Bottom Lounge has been bought by the CTA and will be demolished this fall. is rumored to appear at the Bottom Lounge on Saturday, August 20th. Stay tuned.


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