Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Not much in the way of Lunchblogging lately...The weather has been too nice and I've been concentrating on finally landing a job I really want.

The Intonation Fest was a good time. It was cool spotting a couple of kids with MSH shirts on. My highlights for the fest included:

Dungen - Thanks to DocDayne I was turned onto these guys a little while ago. How can you not like a frontman that looks like Robert Plant and plays the flute (among other things)? They ruled, despite equipment problems mostly due to voltage converters for the Swedish guitar gear. Your Swedish guitar gear is not welcome in this man's America.

Out Hud - They brought the jams and proved to be the most entertaining of the 'dance' bands. An added bonus was watching the sweaty, pasty dude in front of us harass his grumpy girlfriend with his unconventional dance moves.

Andrew Bird - from my vantage-point (sitting by the main-gate in the shade), A.B. was a fingernail-sized green speck on the horizon. The performance was great and inspired me to go back and listen to his newest album - illegal files courtesy of STV SLV.

Les Savy Fav - I've seen these guys a couple of times before. It was cool to see Tim Harrington control a crowd of thousands and teach the men in the audience how to dance with the ladies.

Honorable mention:
Magnolia Electric Co. were good, but they were out of their element in the 97F weather. Jason Molina still sports the best uni-brow in rock music.
Prefuse 73 were exciting to see. I'm getting less and less excited about their new records due to a lack of diversity from track to track...I know he has other projects where he showcases other styles, but I find those kind of boring. If he could only recapture the brilliance of "Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives". I loved the way he chopped up M.C.'s rhymes and made them an integral part of the sound by creating new rhythms and textures with their sampled verses. Luckily, he assembled an amazing band and showed of his drumming chops a little bit too.
Broken Social Scene and DFA were really good as usual.

Sleeping Bear this weekend. show on Thursday in DeKalb.
Tha 446 with MC Chris @ The Double Door in August.
Sleepout with City on Film and Jeff Hanson @ Schubas in August.
Employment on the horizon.
Warm weather.
Easy access to the beach.
Newly tuned up bike.

- and finally, some rain has started falling on Chicago.


Blogger mike downey said...

quinn, i covered "cat or a horse" at my show last night. it was quiet, tear. thanks for writing it.

and, the show w/ jeff hanson and city on film is such a sweet line up. can't wait for that shit, son.


9:57 AM  
Blogger Ol' Fuss & Feathers - Fuss & Feathers Forevers said...

Mike - cool! But in the words of Jadakiss and 50 Cent - "I'd better get my ASCAP or you gonna' get your ASS CAPPED!" Seriously though...the dude in the modern temper asked us to be on that show. Ben replied numerous times and the dude never got back to him. And, what's the deal with homework? You're not working on your home.

1:58 PM  

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