Wednesday, April 27, 2005

two important things you should do this week:
1.) at the Empty Bottle tomorrow night
9:00pm Doors open
9:30pm Self-Evident
10:30pm Mt. St. Helens
11:30pm Bear Claw

It's gonna be a champagne-jam and we'll be playing a lot of new songs.

2.) BBQB4ROK05
BBQB4ROK05 will be held in the backyard of the Dojo before the Driftless Pony Club / show at Sylvies on Sunday night. Please come by at around 5pm to enjoy some pre-show drinking, bbq-ing festivities. We will have some meat and beer on hand but probably not enough to satiate the entire WWB crew (seeing as how a lot of you are from Wisconsin). So stop by with a couple of cold ones and get wasted with us before the show. THE BONUS - Sylvie's is a 2 block walk from our apartment.

Erryone is welcome to attend - providing you know where we live. If you don't, take an egg down to West Lakeview Liquors and give it to whomever is working behind the counter. Present it to them and say: "Love lift us up where we belong, Where the eagles cry on a mountain high, Love lift us up where we belong, Far from the world below, Up where the clear winds blow." They should then present you with a small vial of clear liquid. Drink the liquid IMMEDIATELY and follow the bison to Ft. Awesome where you will await hovertrain transportation to the Dojo. But this is important: DO NOT SEEK THE TREASURE. And try to keep out of Miller's way.


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