Sunday, February 20, 2005

So I went to Europe and a vacation broke out..

Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast night/I heard/the Strokes about 5 times/Dan and I were hanging out at the Chelsea/it's an indie bar....

So, what do two dudes from Chicago do with their Saturday night in a foreign city? We experience the European version of the Hideout dance party. It was a cool club too...the hot local beer is called "Wieselburger" -so- Dan and I tried twice to order one....the first time they gave us two bottles of a heffe-weissen beer...which we did not want. The second time I gave ordering a shot and the bartender grabbed the heffe-weissen again until I waved my hands and said "Nein! Nein! German sucks....we want that one" (and I pointed to the hundreds of bottles of wieselburger in the fridge behind the bar). She obliged, the beer was good and we were totally confused. We were obviously mispronouncing something but couldn't figure out what. Then I met a dude from Boston who told me that it was actually pronounced "Veeselburger" not "Vyselburger" - problem solved. Dan and I got properly soused while listening to the dj spin: Interpol, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Sloan, Simian, Modest Mouse, Muse and various others. I found out from the bartender that they never have concerts on Saturday night because there are too many people who want to come and dance instead of seeing a band play. On the walk home from the club we made a 2am stop at the Chicken-Kebab/weinerschnitzel stand (read: 2am burrito stop) and woke up the next morning free of the dreaded euro-hangover (read: hangover). So today, docdayne and I are taking it easy. I'm enjoying a melange (the Austrian version of a cappucino) and a blueberry muffin while surfing the internet at BIGNET, the ubiquitous internet cafe chain. Tomorrow I'll explore the Museum Quartier while Dan lends his medical expertise to the fine citizens of Vienna. Oh yeah, and tomorrow we're going to hang out at Hitler's old cafe haunt...Dan plans to draw a sharpie Adolf moustache on his upper lip. I'm all for it. BYE.


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