Monday, March 07, 2005

If I could do yesterday over again about 500 times, I would. As I described it to someone similarly lost in the day with me "I'm going to store this day away and think about it the next time I'm having my teeth drilled." That relaxing. Then, for an unrelated reason, I watched that someone have a 25 minute laughing fit. Also a good reason to relive yesterday over and over.

Life is pretty good right now. If a band blows up and my work transition is completed this month, life will be the best. Plus, having top-secret projects to work on is great too. And lots of prospective projects for the future make the days a little more fun. And coffee is good too...more in the sense of coffee-as-ritual than coffee as caffeinated drink, although that can be good.

And my two favorite musical discoveries over the weekend couldn't be more different. Juana Molina and Converge. I can see Juana Molina having more staying power but Converge represent everything I like about aggressive music and they sound like Born Against or Mohinder or something, only a lot harder.

And the 6way birthday party was a total success. The Cook Sisters, JP and Torri get extra special thanks for throwing an excellent "Cupcake Afterparty" which featured a member of "Tha Life Potnaz" trying to smear chocolate frosting all over my coat after it was smeared all over my face. And emcee High Life gets a shot for making me an awesome nu-country mix cd that features a song that goes "She thinks my tractor's sexy". Hope your house was in tip-top shape when you saw it, dudes.

And Apple picked up my broken ipod on Tuesday and had a replacement on my doorstep on Saturday. Holy shit. This would be even more remarkable if it were the first time that had happened. Note to Steve Jobs: While your ipod product has changed my life for the better and I definitely and worse off without one, please make it a little more durable so I don't have to send it back to you every 6 months for a new one. And make the screen less easy to scratch. And make a better way to use it in your car.

Ben is on the beach in Mexico with his lovely wife.

They have a top secrect project of their own. Nice work, dudes.

And now, to make the most of the plummeting temperature.

On behalf of all the birthday boys, thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday night.


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