Friday, February 04, 2005

Blast the Past

Kleenex Girl Wonder in Osaka, Japan - 1999.

So, I played last night at the Rodeo in DeKalb with This is Me Smiling (who were really good) and Surround Sound (who are rumored to be really good too but Ed and I split before their set). Ben joined me and played drums on about 5 songs /// overall it was really fun. DeKalb has a certain beautiful awfulness to it. The sound guy had a ton of reverb and delay on my vocals which I was really pleased sounded like I was singing in a cathedral or jam. After we'd set up our gear I realized that the Rodeo used to be the basement of Seven Dead Arson Records where I saw Braid and Traluma play in the late '90s.



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And you're right. DeKalb does have a beautiful awfulness to it. That's why I quickly moved away from it when i had the chance. when i go back to visit my parents, my favorite thing to do is go to wal-mart and make fun of people. boy howdy!

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